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It is medicine used for opioid pain, Hydrocodone is a prescription drug. The brand names of Hydrocodone are Vicodin and Norco. It is an oral tablet and is a generic drug. Hydrocodone also comes in the form of oral solution. It is used for patients who are having moderate to severe opioid pain, a pain which has to been treated from any other medication.  This drug is a combination of acetaminophen and narcotic. It helps in a way where the person doesn’t have a feeling of pain.


∙Hydrocodone Acetaminophen tablets are used for patients who are having opioid  pain, whether it is moderate or severe, this drug works its best. ∙ The perfect combination of narcotic and acetaminophen helps in reducing the pain  of the patient.This medicines works best by working in the brain by blocking the signals of pain and  also reduces the feeling the pain. Hydrocodone is responsible for changing the way body reacts to the pain and it reduces or eliminates the pain from any part of  the body. This drug is also used by patients who are suffering from fever, it reduces fever.


The dosage of Hydrocodone depends on many factors like

Age of the user
The treatment of the patient
Medical condition of the person
 How first dose of the medicine responded in the body.
How severe the pain is
If the person is taking oral tablet of Hydrocodone, the general dosage is between 5 mg to 10
mg. first start with smaller doses, in case there is severe pain, then higher doses of
Hydrocodone can be taken.

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