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OxyContin is sometimes referred to as a narcotic as the opioid pain treatment. OxyContin is the potent prescription drug used to manage severe pain, whether opioid medications including non-opioid pain or immediate opioid release medication do not relieve the pain adequately, or if you do not handle it. It also is a potent prescription medicine for the opioid treatment used to treat severe pain regularly enough, every day, every morning. OxyContin should not be used for anxiety, not around the clock automatically. When recommended, take OxyContin. Do not use oxycodone for longer than necessary or in more significant quantities. Tell your physician if the need to take more oxycodone is increased. To buy Oxycontin online, visit power online pharmacy.


This drug is used to alleviate chronic extreme pain. Oxycodone is a class of opioid analgesicsbmedicines. It operates in the brain to adjust the body's sensation and respond to pain. The higher intensity (over 40 mg/tablet) of this medicinal drug should only be used if you regularly take small to significant amounts of opioid pain medicinal products. These strengths can cause an overdose if a person has not taken opioids automatically.
Do not use the prolonged oxycodone release form to alleviate moderate or delayed pain within a few days. This medication is not used rarely. Only healthcare practitioners who know how to use potent drugs to treat chronic pain should be prescribed OXYCONTIN.


The start-dose is OXYCONTIN 10 mg orally every 12 hours for patients who are not responsive to opioid. High starting doses can cause fatal respiratory depression in non-opioid
tolerant patients. Using the lowest effective treatment in compliance with patient care criteria for the shortest period.  An individual patient must be taken in a dosing regimen; patient intensity, patient behaviour, previous analgesic therapy and risk factors for addiction, neglect and violence must be taken
into consideration.

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