Morphine Sulfate

Morphine Sulfate

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Kapanol is a medicine which is used by many patients to get relive from any pain either moderate or severe. The main salt of kapanol is morphine sulfate which usually belongs to a group of medicines known as opioid analgesics, which makes it best for getting relief from chronic pain. As it contains morphine, many people tend to take this medicine as a regular drug, but it is not recommended to take it regular as it is a highly addictive medicine. It is mostly prescribed by doctors to relive pain after cancer treatment or any other major treatment. If you are considering to buy Kapanol online, then visiting power online pharmacy can allows you to buy this drug at best prices. It should not be used by children.


It is mostly used to get relive from pain, no matter it is moderate or severe it works best and gives immediate relief from pain
It is given by doctor after any major treatments like in case of any cancer therapy and more.
It is prescribed by many doctors to get rid of any pain in the body.


It is advised to give kapanol either once in 24 hours day or incase there is chronic pain then, you can take it twice in 12 hours, whatever your doctors advise. The doctor will check few factors before hey prescribe this drug like age, weight, how first dose reacts to the body and for what medical condition this drug is been taken. Do no increase or decrease the dose of Kapanol until your doctor ask you to. It is better not to take double doses or overdose this kapanol.

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